Turtle Pond Envy

I have a bad case of turtle pond envy.

Each time Allen and I visit friends who have a) a backyard, and b) a backyard turtle pond, we find ourselves, apartment dwellers that we are, wishing for a little bit more real estate for our turtles.

This weekend, we visited turtle friends who are blessed with both a backyard and a turtle pond/s.

Who wouldn’t be envious?

Last year, we visited other turtle friends with a similarly resplendent outdoor people-and-turtle set up.




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7 responses to “Turtle Pond Envy

  1. carmel

    hi, i just stumbled along this page while googling turtle ponds… i am a proud owner of a very much loved eastern snake necked turtle named rexy, and currently she lives quite happily in a large tank, but we are thinking of making her a pond in our back yard.. and perhaps getting her a friend or 2..and i saw in your pics of your fellow turtle lovin friends ponds they arent covered at all.. i was wondering about predators? birds, cats dogs etc? was wondering if you knew anything about this matter?
    any information would be appreciated, by meself and rexy ๐Ÿ™‚
    kind regards carmel

    • turtlewife

      Hi — I’ll need to ask around to see what solutions my friends have come up with. I know raccoons can be a problem. I’ll get back to you soon on it. A.

    • vecinana

      Some people i know use chicken wiring around and/or to cover the pond. You can probably find this at most hardware stores.

  2. nina

    i have a turtle pond too.and in order to avoid the predators,i made a shelter which made of stone and off course it has a cover on it.

  3. Jill

    How did they build the island with the sand? I am building a pond for my turtles and the big stumbling block for plans is a way for them to sun themselves and have a sandy area for eggs.
    Thank you

    • turtlewife

      I don’t believe they use sand…just dirt!

      • jill

        Ok – dirt not sand – but how did they construct the rocks – did they use a liner? is it a tub of some sort sitting on top of blocks they the decorative rock around the edge? That is what I am trying to find out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

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