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Turtle Books and Movies We’d Like to See

Here’s a roundup of imaginary books and movies about turtles and turtle people I think would be a hoot!

  • Zorba, the Greek Tortoise
  • Don Juan—A Male Box Turtle’s Unflagging Search For Sexual Fulfillment with a Steel Helmet, a Man’s Boot, and a Chair Leg
  • Great Expectations, or, Will My Turtle Eggs Hatch?
  • A Tail of Two Bigheaded Turtles
  • The Box Turtles of Madison County
  • Les Miserables. The heartrending story of a turtle wife who robs a Food Emporium to feed her family when she can’t control her spouse’s unbridled spending on his turtles’ food.
  • Metamorphosis. The protagonist awakens one morning to find himself transformed into a loggerhead sea turtle. Forced by his despotic father to hide in his room, he slowly dies, from his family’s neglect and a lack of sea water.
Popular Lit
  • The First Turtle Wives Club
  • Wherever You Go, There’s a Turtle!
  • How to Connect With Your Inner Sea Turtle
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Tortoise Breeders
  • Turtle Soup for the Turtle Wife’s Soul
  • The One Minute Turtle Manager: A Guide to Changing Turtle Water in Under a Minute

Children’s Books

  • A Child’s Garden of Tortoises
  • Charlotte’s Box Turtle
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Turtle Factor


  • The Turtle Not Taken. In which the author must choose between a painted turtle and a Russian tortoise and how that decision alters his life.
  • Ode to a Turtle. A meditation upon art and life inspired by the scratchings of a box turtle, who has dug a nest in the poet’s garden.
Science Fiction
  • Turtle Wars – In a galaxy far, far, away (okay, California), two male desert tortoises clash to win the right to mate with a female.


  • How Green Was My Turtle
  • The Big Sleep – A box turtle’s winter hibernation
  • Indiana Jones and the Snapping Turtle of Doom
  • The Old Man and the Sea Turtle
  • Jaws 4 – An alligator snapper terrorizes tourists at a lakeside resort

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New York Turtle & Tortoise Show 2012

Some pics of the turtles and people at the June 2, 2012 NY Turtle & Tortoise Society show.

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